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Email Broadcasting & E-marketing ServicesEmail Broadcasting & E-marketing Services and Solutions

Visitors to your web site can request to be sent more information when it becomes available. This is known as an "opt-in" mailing list. Visitors can request information on upcoming meetings, new products, new services, training courses, sale promotions, business newsletters, etc. You can now email all requested material automatically to your list. Your e-mail message can be designed online and sent quickly.
Can you track an e-mail message sent from Outlook? You can with our tools!
Our broadcasting tools are designed for quick and accurate delivery to your pre-existing list too. Quickly export your email list to our system and broadcast your e-mail message in just minutes! Subscribe to our list to see experience it yourself.

Dedicated Corporate Solutions
Retain control over all your private lists and utilize your corporate branding for all email message services. Broadcast custom personalized messages for all your departments using multiple accounts. Manage all your accounts internally and customize each one individually. Email Tracking reports for any account can be privately viewed using multiple administrator logins.

Reseller Solutions
Privately labeled CoCoTools are now available. Broadcast custom personalized messages for all your clients using multiple accounts. An online HTML Email editor is included with every account for creating HTML email messages easily. Email Tracking and click-thru reporting can be privately viewed using multiple administrator logins.

ContentLicensed Content Management & Delivery Services

-   Manage your online news content using RRS (Real Simple Syndication)
-   Licensed rich media can be streamed to any Web site pages automatically.
-   Create custom and private online distribution channels for your company's     marketing and sales information
-   Custom personal web log (blog) sites and content management.
-   Custom branded blog sites, blog readers and RSS feeds
-   Corporate Text Blogs, Video Blogs and Photo Blogs

Online Redemption ManagementOnline Premium/Offer Redemption Management

Now you can safely send your permission list subscribers various offers, premiums, gifts, coupons - even gift certificates. Design, control and manage your next "give-away" using our exclusive redemption management tools. Your permission list can be sent redemption information. Here is a highlight of the types of offers you can build.
-   Unlimited offers for a specific period of time.
-   One offer for many.
-   Many offers for a few.
-   A specific number of offers over a specific amount of time.
-   Wish box offers with a countdown expiration.
-   Many more custom redemption options.
-   Design your own campaign using one of our pre-built online redemption systems.

Contact us for free access to our online redemption site. Experience yourself!


See how the services listed above are used
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