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Dynamically create and automatically deliver bulk e-mail messages that speak directly to your audience in their preferred style. Learn from your audience by using custom surveys and then share the results along with your solutions. Analyze the results of your e-mail campaign in real time and make “on the fly” changes to your messages if needed. Watch your e-mail list grow in size and value until it becomes your greatest asset worth its weight in gold!


The CoCoTools Electronic Marketing Tool Suite
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· Collect or import subscriber e-mail addresses.
· Manage and qualify subscriber lists.
· Compose and send e-mails to pre-qualified subscriber groups.
· Track success of your e-mail messages - view subscriber actions.
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· Schedule a series of pre-composed e-mail messages to be
   sent automatically.
· Capture subscriber interest in a timely fashion.
· A perfect tool to educate your subscribers with a series of
    informational or training messages.
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· Collect or import subscriber e-mail addresses.
· Compose and send e-mail messages to a more limited
   subscriber base. (under 500 per month)
· A perfect tool for church, school and club e-newsletters.
· Inquire to purchase this powerful management component for your own web server.

An online web seminar is the best way to impact lead generation, slash travel expenses and educate and train your customers and employees alike! At the same time, utilize powerful rich media tools and targeted audience segments to engage and turn prospects into friends.

More Valuable Tools for Electronic Marketing

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Fast Streaming Media
[ more ] Impact a broader audience by using streaming web video and audio content for your permission marketing.
Online Coupon/Premium Redemption, Blogging and more...
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What is Electronic Permission Based E-Marketing? [see]

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